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What Is Testosterone Pellet Therapy?

As the body ages, it can stop producing enough hormones causing deficiencies and other problems to develop. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) involves the use of medications containing female hormones to replace the ones the body no longer makes. 

HRT is generally used as a standard treatment for women suffering from menopause symptoms such as hot flashes. This allows the body to return to balance easing symptoms such as hot flashes that occur after menopause

What Is The Procedure Like?

Patients are given a general and local anesthesia before the procedure. The surgeon will mark the spots on the body where incisions will be made and where the fat will be removed. After each incision, the surgeon will insert a small, hollow, steel tube called a cannula under the skin through the incision. The cannula is attached to a vacuum that pulls the fat into the cannula to a collection container.

Liposuction usually takes one to four hours to perform, depending on the area or areas treated. It is usually done on an outpatient basis, but an overnight hospital stay may be recommended in some situations.

What Are The Benefits?

The procedure is done under a local anesthetic in office. Testosterone pellets are the size of a grain of rice and will be placed into the fatty tissue of the abdomen or buttocks. Afterwards, a small dressing will be applied with steri-strips over the area. 

There is minimal downtime after pellet implantation and limited discomfort that can be easily treated with Ibuprofen. By faithfully following Dr. Morimoto’s post procedure instructions any complications can be minimized and avoided.

Reasons To Consider Testosterone Pellet Therapy

  • Decreased depression, anxiety, irritability, and mood swings
  • Improves sleep, muscle aches, and pains, mood changes
  • Relieve the symptoms of urinary frequency
  • Reduction in hot flashes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease
  • Significantly improves vaginal dryness and sexual function
  • Improved lean body mass (muscle strength, bone density) and decreased fat mass
  • Improved sex drive, libido, sexual response, and performance

Patient Testimonials​

Making that first leap can be nerve racking. It’s important to choose a surgeon that you feel comfortable with and who has your best interest at hand. Explore some of the testimonials of satisfied patients to help you in your decision.

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