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Maintaining healthy skin is important for several reasons. Your skin barrier protects your body from bacteria and other environmental hazards, but your skin is also exposed to the sun and environmental toxins each day, which can increase the visible signs of aging.

As a living organ, skin requires moisture and nutrients. But how can you give your skin what it needs to function properly and support a well-hydrated, glowing, and youthful appearance? ZO skincare in Spokane can help you achieve your aesthetic goals and provide you with the right products to hydrate and protect your complexion. Reach out to learn more about the ZO skincare line and other non-invasive aesthetic treatment options available at our office.

How Is the ZO Skincare Line Different?

The ZO skincare line was developed by Dr. Zein Obagi, creator of the Obagi skincare product line. He left the Obagi brand in 2006 and launched ZO Skin Health in 2007 to focus on products formulated and evaluated through a scientific lens.

ZO Skin Health products contain evidence-based ingredients that benefit your skin, such as vitamins C and E, salicylic acid, and glycolic acid. The product line also contains proprietary technologies that help optimize your skincare routine. These comprehensive solutions aim to improve your skin health regardless of age, skin type, or skin color.

The 3-Step Approach

For our Spokane clients, there is a wide spectrum of products in the ZO skincare line designed to support healthy skin, no matter their cosmetic concerns. The ZO skincare regimen is based on a three-step approach:

The initial step focuses on preparing the skin by cleansing, exfoliating, and toning. This helps provide a base for the next two steps and brings the skin into a balanced state.

In the second step, the products you use help to prevent and correct specific skin concerns with medical-grade treatments. Whether your skin concerns are premature aging, brightening, firming, texture repair, or hydration, the ZO Skin Health system has something to offer.

The third and final step is designed to protect your skin from sun exposure and create a barrier using scientifically developed products and proprietary ingredients. Cleansing and caring for your skin is vital, but without adding protection during the day, you are fighting a losing battle.

How Can ZO Skincare Help Me?

Like most skincare regimens, the ZO product line works best when products are layered—but figuring out which ones are best for your needs can be intimidating. When you work with a ZO-approved skincare physician in Spokane, you receive comprehensive solutions that help you develop and maintain healthy skin.

Start by using a cleanser designed for your skin type to wash away debris and residual makeup on the skin’s surface. Next, an exfoliation product removes dead skin cells and helps improve penetration of the products in the following steps, allowing you to receive greater benefits from serums and retinol. Finally, a toner minimizes surface oils and cleans your pores.

The next steps will be based on your cosmetic needs, and the order in which they are applied is determined by your skin health professional. For example, the ZO Skin Health product line has four products with high molecular weight, which slows absorption time. These should be applied last, usually at night, to achieve optimal benefits.

Because men’s skin differs from women’s, ZO Skin Health has also produced a skincare regimen to help meet their unique skincare needs. Whether you are seeking a way to control acne, reduce hyperpigmentation or rosacea, or want an overall anti-aging and antioxidants protocol, ZO Skin Health has a daily skincare protocol designed to meet your needs.

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Don’t let your skincare regimen be an afterthought. The steps you take every day significantly impact your skin health and anti-aging efforts.

Call our office to schedule your appointment for ZO Skincare in Spokane. As a ZO Skin Health-approved physician, Dr. Kai Morimoto can answer your questions and demonstrate how this unique product line can meet your cosmetic needs.