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Hollow cheeks, wrinkles, and a weak jawline are all things that JUVÉDERM® in Spokane can help change. At KM Plastic Surgery, we use the family of JUVÉDERM facial fillers and other non-surgical procedures to erase the changes of aging or to help create a solid jawline.

JUVÉDERM is the most popular dermal filler collection in the United States. Our PA, Danny Jones’ expertise and the high quality of JUVEDERM products give you the best possible results.


All JUVÉDERM® products are made with a patented form of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring compound that can help add fullness and hydration to skin. Vycross® technology cross-links the hyaluronic acid molecules to create a smooth filler. It will also stimulate collagen and elastin formation, which is important in helping the filler’s effects to last beyond the first few weeks after injection.

Each of the JUVEDERM dermal fillers is aimed at a specific use, and each gel has slightly different properties to make it work best in a specific area or for a specific purpose.

  • VOLUMA® XC can be used to add volume to your cheeks or improve your jawline. This structural gel is moldable when first injected so your injector can personalize your jaw or cheek contour.
  • VOLBELLA® XC is a soft gel used where a subtle volume increase is needed. It can be used for tiny wrinkles such as those around your mouth or to help fill follows under your eyes.
  • VOLLURE® XC and Ultra Plus XC are used to help decrease moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. It is a smooth and balanced gel that has the ability to gently plump an area to help fill in and smooth out the wrinkle or fold.
  • Ultra XC is a plump gel made to withstand motion and is routinely used to help build up your lips.
  • VOLUX® XC is the first and only defining gel filler made explicitly for use in adding to your jawline.

Dermal fillers can be an ideal fix when time is short and you want your wrinkles smoothed or volume added to your face in time for a special event. Many patients like that JUVEDERM dermal fillers are injected in our Spokane office with local anesthetic for pain relief and require no downtime, and the changes the fillers create look natural. Some improvement is seen instantly, with further changes happening as collagen production increases to help fill in the treated area.

As you discuss your aesthetic goals with our staff, they will help determine which fillers are right for you. Depending on your specific issue and what is causing it, JUVEDERM products can be used along with other treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic. The combination of strategically relaxing certain muscles while filling the wrinkle can turn a stubborn wrinkle into a subtle, shallow line.

Facial fillers such as JUVEDERM are not considered permanent. Results can last as long as two years for some people, but some start to see regression around six months. Many patients set up maintenance appointments to help keep their new look going for an extended time.

Improving Men’s Faces

Men can develop deep facial wrinkles or folds that make them appear angry or older than they feel. JUVEDERM in Spokane can also help improve your jawline contour. Having fewer wrinkles and a solid, strong jawline can help boost self-confidence. It is important for men to work with injectors who understand and are experienced in working with a man’s face, because there are subtle differences to consider when creating masculine, natural-looking results.

Check Out What JUVÉDERM® in Spokane Can Do

If you have been thinking about making changes because you no longer like what you see in the mirror, make an appointment soon. You can discuss your concerns and goals with our aesthetician and learn more about JUVÉDERM® in Spokane could help you.