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Capsular contracture is a medical condition experienced by a small percentage of patients who have received breast implants. This condition can be both painful and uncomfortable, and typically requires removal of the implants, along with any scar tissue that has formed.

En bloc capsulectomy and total capsulectomy are two treatments performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon that can provide you with relief from capsular contracture. A plastic surgeon can potentially treat this condition and normalize the aesthetic appearance of breasts affected by this condition. To learn more about capsular contracture treatment in Spokane from an experienced breast surgeon, contact our office today.

What Is Capsular Contracture?

In all patients who have received breast implants, scar tissue, which is called a capsule, forms around it as part of the normal healing process. In a very small percentage of patients who have obtained breast implants, the capsule formed is unusually hard and thick, and it squeezes the implant. This phenomenon is medically known as capsular contracture, and it can be incredibly painful and cosmetically unappealing.

Patients who have capsular contracture may experience a very painful tightening sensation in their breast, as well as unnatural firmness and hardness that negatively affects the look and feel of their breast. In addition, their breasts can appear asymmetrical and uneven and cause a lot of discomfort during daily living and physical activity, lessening their quality of life. Our surgical suite in Spokane offers a number of approaches for addressing capsular contracture.

Options for Capsular Contracture Treatment

Surgical intervention is required to fully correct capsular contracture because it is necessary to remove the capsule, either partially or fully, through a procedure called capsulectomy. Your ideal treatment will depend on your individual needs, but our medical team typically recommends some form of capsulectomy to remove the capsule. Your options may include an en bloc capsulectomy or a total capsulectomy. During your initial assessment and consultation, we can identify which procedure is best for your needs. In Spokane, your consultation for capsular contracture treatment includes a full medical assessment, during which we recommend the best course of treatment based on the size, location, shape, and nature of the capsule.

En Bloc Capsulectomy

In an en bloc capsulectomy, the breast implant and the surrounding tissue forming the capsule are removed all at once and in one piece. This is done so the capsule is not opened or ruptured, and to protect your body from any potentially damaging material contained within the capsule or implant. This surgery requires precision on the part of the plastic surgeon, because often the capsule tissue is delicate and only a few millimeters thin. Due to this, or if the capsule is located too close to the lung, this procedure may not be appropriate for some patients.

Total Capsulectomy

In a total capsulectomy, the breast implant and capsule are removed in sections, which allows for a simpler removal on the part of the surgeon. We may recommend a total capsulectomy based on the nature of the contracture.

Breast Implant Replacement

The aesthetic result of a capsulectomy, where some of the breast volume is removed, can be very dismaying for patients who have come to accept their breast implants as part of their identities and themselves. For these patients, we offer breast implant replacement, in which the capsulectomy will be performed and your breast implants will be replaced. You can also choose to upgrade the size and shape of your breast implants or select from silicone or saline implants as per your needs.

Turn to Us for Capsular Contracture Treatment in Spokane

Capsulectomy, either en bloc or total capsulectomy, from a board-certified plastic surgeon may be the ideal solution for you when you wish to treat your capsular contracture. We are committed to helping you restore your comfort and wellness with superior capsulectomy and interventional breast surgery treatments.

For more information about capsular contracture treatment in Spokane, contact our office today.